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One of Us [BBC Miniseries, 2016]

During my university reading week, I got a call from an old casting agent who asked me if I was available to travel to a remote part of Scotland and work 5am-9pm days on set for One of Us. With my exams round the corner, I naturally said yes and got the first train out of Edinburgh. Being an intense TV production in the Scottish mountains, they took that yes and ran off to the hills with it. I was cast to play a roster of 3 characters similar to the beginning of a joke: "A reporter, a police officer and an attractive wife walk into a bar..."

Pros: Doing a location shoot, off-road speed car chase and rocking a real police uniform.

Cons: Being pressured to strip down out in the open because they had "no facilities available".

Fun Fact: In my role as the 'attractive wife', I lost my wedding ring behind a car seat within minutes of putting it on. Future husband, be warned!

Outlander [Starz TV, 2014-]

This was the first and last time I filled out a casting call form that ended with the question: 'Are you able to bring your own chicken or other farmyard animal?' Alas, I was not but thankfully I got the job anyway and spent about a week in costume fittings and hair and make-up so that they could perfect the historic Scots villager look. My make-up artist and I had an unspoken understanding regarding the extent to which she would cover me with dirt and grease: she was a doll. However, the stylist decided that I looked like too much of a princess so a tub of oil was dumped on my head. 

Pros: Being involved in an internationally famous show, wearing a genuine period costume.

Cons: An angry bull had a tantrum on set and nearly skittled a crowd of performers.

Fun Fact: It took us over 12 hours to shoot a scene that was only 30 seconds long
 in the final cut!


Above: Runway Show with SDX Fashion 2017
Photographer: Ellie Morag
Below: Editorial Behind-the-Scenes

Below: Street Series 2018
Photographer: Patrick Dalziel

Below: Behind-the-Scenes Venue
Photographer: Mai Sebastian


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