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Meet Grace:

A Generation Z graduate who tried out every letter of the alphabet before settling on W: Writer. 

As a mixed-race British-Canadian twenty-something, I have learned to accept the freedom and awkwardness that comes with being a hyphenated person. Born to an English mother and Guyanese father who travelled between London and Quebec, I was raised with my sister to be open to different countries, arts and cultures. Travel is a continuing part of my heritage, while my ambiguous appearance as a mixed-race woman often gives me the opportunity to blend in with communities outside my own. This, combined with my value for others, helps all of my creative work take shape.

Initially, my ticket into creative fields came through my mom. As a painter and art psychotherapist, she encouraged me to engage with visual arts which soon evolved into my first stint in college. I specialised in illustration, fashion and was later introduced to architecture. Meanwhile, when I was working for a silversmith in the Scottish Highlands, a production studio came to my town and cast me in a minor role in an episode of Outlander. It was the first time I had ever been on a film/TV set and I was so inspired that I decided to study media at university. A few modelling jobs, film festival gigs and one 1st Class Honours Degree later, I graduated and have now entered the 'real world'.

I juggled the challenges of freelancing and worked as a travel writer and part-time critic until, for a brief time, I gave up. After a 6-month business placement in Toronto, 2 major events occurred. The first was that I became ill and joined my parents in Portugal for respite (and to avoid massive medical bills). The second was that, while in Portugal, I had a chance encounter with a former U.S government official who offered to pay for my research hours if I was willing to write a novel based on her story. Better still, her story is AMAZING and I am delighted for people to read it in September 2019!

If you have a story to share or one you would like to be written, I would love to hear from you.

Instagram: @gracehallwriter


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