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Tom Hardy: The Ocean in 'The Drop' (2014)

Showing more woof than Warrior (2011, O'Connor), London's hard-hitting actor recently showed a soft spot for Battersea Dogs Home in an online clip that quickly went viral. The star seemed to be in his element as he sat on the floor and introduced several pets in need of rehoming. While his upcoming hit Venom (2018, Marvel) has no time for sweetness, Hardy's canine company reminded me of an underrated film that deserves to be adopted; The Drop (2014, Roskam).

The Ocean in The Drop (2014)

Whilst the image of a chiselled male lead nursing a puppy might befit the pages of Tom Hardy’s little-mentioned modelling portfolio, hushed neo-noir The Drop (2014, Roskam) is all bite and no bark. Emerging from novelist Dennis Lehane, who has authored such suspenseful triumphs as Mystic River (2003) and Shutter Island (2010), the film presents an understated tale of violence and unsettled faith – a mood which stays close to the heels of its master. Set shortly after the festive period in a …

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